Do you hear the Call of the Priestess?

We are a group of Priestesses who dance as a form of ritual, using our bodies to tell the stories of our lives and our ancestors. Our mission includes transforming people through the power of movement and finding ways to make creative expression a part of everyday life.

• Performance

• Ceremonial Dance

• Workshops

• Retreats

• Serpent Ceremonies

• Dance Rituals

With over three decades of experience and research in dance, Quimera Ritual Dance founder Anandha Ray has formulated a method that teaches how dance communicates and heals while also elevating a dancer’s ability to new levels of expression. This form, known as Quimera Method, teaches dancers to find their own voice in movement while also reconnecting with your authentic self.

Anandha Ray has trained and ordained reverend priestesses within the Iseum of Quimera who are available to offer performances, classes, workshops, retreats, serpent tents, serpent ceremonies, dance rituals, and dance ceremonies.