You are invited to Remembering the Ancient Future, a live music and dance ritual performance from the Temple of the Goddess Isis.

You are invited to Remembering the Ancient Future, a live music and dance ritual performance from the Temple of the Goddess Isis.

Unlike your typical Zoom performance, this performance is both an actual ritual and it is something of a technical marvel. This magical experience involves the live coordination of special effects, scene changes through livestream editing and a profound, real time, connection between the dancers in relationship with the musician.

Join Priestesses of the Goddess Isis
in ceremony on the occasion of the full moon/blood moon
on the night of November 30 at 8:00 pm.

In this Blood Moon Ritual for Sekhmet, we will call upon this fierce protectress Goddess of ancient Egypt to guide the healing of humanity. Sekhmet could cause or heal plague. She upholds the highest standards of humanity. She is a lioness goddess who will bring protection and healing when called upon.

November 30th is a full moon that is also a lunar eclipse, bringing forth the energy of the Blood Moon. At the time of the Blood Moon it’s easy to feel “out” of ourselves. The time of the Blood Moon represents a rebirth which is usually related to the end of a cycle. This time is an emotional reset period, a time for reflection, a time to initiate transformation.

YOU ARE INVITED to choose to receive this experience as a witness, or you are welcome to participate in various aspects.

· As Sekhmet receives offerings of red beverages, so we invite you to bring two glasses of red beverage to this ritual. One is for an offering to Sekhmet and the other is for you to drink at the end of the ceremony.
· You are also invited to wear red clothing as well, and together call in the remembrance of healing these times.
· We will invite you to apply a Quimera Line as part of the ritual (if you choose to participate in this aspect bring a red lip liner or red eyeliner pencil).
· You can also choose to just receive the transmission or to play an instrument, or dance with us, and to join us at the end of ceremony to ground this ritual by ingesting a red beverage.

Remembering the Ancient Future is a series of live-streamed performance ceremonies that audiences can experience over the Internet where priestesses in ritual dance performance channel healing energies with live music, broadcast with real-time with live editing. Rev. Priestess Anandha Ray guides the ceremony and directs the Quimera Ritual Dance priestesses in locations across the US, This is combined with Edhisattva Shanken’s piano meditations, woven together with live video editing by Andres Salgado and technical direction by Matthew Galvin. The choreography, dance, music, and video mixing all feedback into each other, creating a profoundly interwoven exchange between the remote participants. This artistic response to the COVID-19 pandemic enables the artists to continue to work and perform together and offers audiences the healing experience of live, improvised ritualistic music and dance performance while social distancing.

Remembering the Ancient Future is a bi-monthly collaboration in response to Covid-19, between Ordained Rev. Priestess of Isis Anandha Ray, pianist Edward (Edhisattva) Shanken, and technical wizards Andres Salgado and Matthew Galvin, featuring the Ordained Reverend Priestesses of the Iseum of Quimera. It is sponsored by Quimera Ritual Dance, Isis Oasis Sanctuary, and the Platform for Ecstatic Aesthetics.

This Blood Moon Sekhmet Ritual includes ceremonialists and Ordained Reverend Priestesses Kalita Ma and Ayah Buonaugurio. Kalita Ma, Priestess of Isis is a Teacher of Egyptian Mysteries through the Lineage of Thoth including Sekhmet Transformational Works, Alchemical Healing and Planetary Healing. She is a Minister, Ceremonialist, Spiritual Consultant and Organic Farmer. Ayah Buonaugurio is a Visionary Ceremonialist who develops embodiment programs & practices for evolving feminine leaders. A Priestess of Isis, Ayah is a warrioress in empowering big dreams for women’s sexuality and reproductive health.

If you would like more information about the transformations of the Goddess Sekhmet we recommend the Book “Sekhmet: Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess” by Nicki Scully and an 8 class workshop of the same name beginning Jan 4, 2020 Sekhmet: Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess