You are invited to Remembering the Ancient Future, a live music and dance ritual performance from the Temple of the Goddess Isis.

You are invited to Remembering the Ancient Future, a live music and dance ritual performance from the Temple of the Goddess Isis.

Being in a human body brings challenges and joy. Becoming a master of your humanness brings peace. Ceremony bridges the known and unknown, allowing energies to shift, welcoming a metamorphosis, so that we can release that which no longer serves us and embrace that which propels us on the next path of our journey. 

The ritual dancers, who are legally ordained priestesses, will lead you in a live ceremony directed by Rev. Priestess Anandha Ray, MA, MA, DTR. The priestesses of the Iseum of Quimera have trained to respect and listen to the serpents as sacred dance partners who deepen the journey of transformation. 

You are invited to join the Priestesses of the Goddess Isis in this special virtual serpent ceremony on the evening of January 30th at 8:00 PM.

By joining this ceremony, you will have the opportunity to directly participate in a transformational journey. 

You will have the opportunity to name and shed that which no longer serves you, and to call in that which you are ready to embrace. The priestesses will perform a ritual dance with their serpent partners to move the energy, guiding its transmutation.

This ceremony will feature improvised music on piano by Edhisattva.

Once you register, you will receive instructions on how to participate in the ceremonial Zoom gathering.

Following the ceremony, there will be a discussion opportunity. 

If you are unable to join the live event, you will be able to view only the ritual performance of this journey.


Remembering the Ancient Future is a series of live-streamed performance ceremonies that audiences can experience over the Internet where priestesses in ritual dance performance channel healing energies with live music, broadcast with real-time with live editing. Rev. Priestess Anandha Ray guides the ceremony and directs the Quimera Ritual Dance priestesses in locations across the US, This is combined with Edhisattva Shanken’s piano meditations, woven together with live video editing by Andres Salgado and technical direction by Matthew Galvin. The choreography, dance, music, and video mixing all feedback into each other, creating a profoundly interwoven exchange between the remote participants. This artistic response to the COVID-19 pandemic enables the artists to continue to work and perform together and offers audiences the healing experience of live, improvised ritualistic music and dance performance while social distancing.

Remembering the Ancient Future is a collaboration in response to Covid-19, between Ordained Rev. Priestess of Isis Anandha Ray, pianist Edward (Edhisattva) Shanken, and technical wizards Andres Salgado and Matthew Galvin, featuring the Ordained Reverend Priestesses of the Iseum of Quimera. It is sponsored by Quimera Ritual Dance, Isis Oasis Sanctuary, and the Platform for Ecstatic Aesthetics.