Ritual Dance

Ritual Dance is more than performance, it is the human experience expressed in the poetry of motion.

Featured on ABC 7 News, EIN News, Localish


This dance takes the viewer on a journey, making visible the invisible aspects of being, giving expression to that which cannot be spoken. Like a medicine journey, this dance creates much for the viewer to contemplate.

This is a “flattened” version of a Virtual Reality 3D experience available for viewing 3D on a VR headset. CovenantVR takes the viewer on a journey through the lens of a serpent ceremony.

Ashes of our Ancestors

This is a dance abstraction of a death ritual in which we use the ashes of our ancestors – sprinkling them on our skin and painting our faces to symbolize the strength, lessons, and blessings of our ancestors upon their death. 

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Totem is an expression of light and unity, with two bodies interconnecting as one. The dance creates sacred geometry through full-body mandalas with exquisite coordination and timing. The dance was envisioned during medicine ceremonies, where Anandha Ray found the potential of our inner connectedness with others, soul-to-soul. 

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Serpent Ceremony

ABC 7 News attended one of our monthly New Moon Serpent Ceremonies and created this video to show how dancing with snakes can be healing. These ceremonies were created as a form of dance therapy and healing. “In this form of dance you are connecting to the core of your very self. We ask people to bring forth their movement, bring forth their ideas and bring forth their expressions so they are connecting very deeply within that core,” said Anandha Ray. “When people attend their first ceremony they will come to me and say that they feel like they just did ten years of therapy. I understand that fully because you dive fully into the presence of who you are and you let go of judgments.”

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We Rise

“We Rise” is not a literal dance. In fact, it is designed to act as a sort of Rorschach Ink Blot, where each person who witnesses this dance may interpret something entirely different. For the choreographer, it explores the shadow aspects of our humanness, aspects that are so hidden from our consciousness that they drive our behaviors though we are unaware. A running theme is that we are all in this together, and that there is a divine grace we can summon as we begin to unravel our subconscious shadows.

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